Downloading Single Authority Records


On the Library of Congress Authorities webpage:

  1. Once the full authority record is displayed, scroll to the bottom.
  2. In the “Select Download Format” drop-down menu, choose “MARC (non-unicode/MARC-8)
  3. Click “Press to Save or Print.”
  4. In the “File” drop-down menu at top, click “Save As.”
  5. In the “Save Web Page” box, click “Yes.”
  6. Save to your preferred location, e.g., your “H” drive. Make note of your file name. The default is “Pwebrecon_cgi” (this file name will be used throughout these instructions). In the “Save As Type” drop-down menu, choose “Text File (*.txt).”
  7. Once you have saved the file, close the window.

In Millennium:

  1. Go to Data Exchange.
  2. In the “Select Process” drop-down menu, select the appropriate load table (either “Load MARC Name Authority Records from Tape or FTS (nta)” or “Load MARC Subject Authority Records from Tape or FTS (pta)”).
  3. Click “Get PC” icon at top.
  4. Find your “Pwebrecon_cgi.txt” file and highlight it.
  5. Click “Upload.”
  6. In the “Rename File” box, choose “.nfts” (for a name record) or “.sfts” (for a subject record) as the suffix. Click ok.
  7. Highlight the “Pwebrecon_cgi.txt.nfts (or .sfts)” in the displayed file list.
  8. Click “Prep p” at top.
  9. At the next screen, click “start.”
  10. At the next screen, click “close.”
  11. Highlight the “Pwebrecon_cgi.txt.nam (or .sub)” file.
  12. Click the “Load” icon at top.
  13. At the next screen, click “Load.” In the displayed Record Loading Statistics, the number of input records should show 1. If it doesn’t, something went wrong and you will need to start over.
  14. Click “close.”
  15. Highlight and delete all 3 “” files.
  16. Return to the catalog and confirm that the authority record loaded.
  1. Delete the “” files from your H drive.